Video Diary

Documenting the construction process has been a key goal from the start. I’ve learned a lot from other model railroaders’ video stories, so I wanted to do the same for my own enjoyment and to maybe share some things I have learned.

Video Editing

The video editing software I will use is Hit Film Express. Ron of Ron’s Trains and Things uses this package; it has many optional plug-ins but the base system is very reasonably priced. To create clips for inclusion that can capture COmputer screens, I will use the free package, OBS. It can overlay several different video and audio feeds to create clips.

I do not need a full professional package, and this hit the sweet spot in terms of features vs. cost.

Sound Editing

I have a sound recording setup already based on Audacity which is free.

Video Effects

I am going to look at adding an opener and log effect from the videohive website. I am still looking through those, although I think I have an opener video picked out.


Youtube has a nice selection of free music. I like the ‘Tupelo Train’ track for maybe the ending video, but I do not think it goes especially well with the train opener video I am looking at.

Another source of free music can be found here.

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