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Standard Turbine Locomotive

Model Railroader magazine has a review of a new Standard Turbine Locomotive. This was an experimental locomotive powered by a gas turbine, which means, it was very loud. Also, they emitted a significant amount of waste heat from the top exhausts, so much so that there are reports of melted bridges when the locomotive would […]

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Walthers Lancaster Farmhouse

The May 2021 Model Railroader had a new product listing. A nice N-scale farmhouse. This would look great next to a farm scene, I just need to figure out where to put it. I’ve always wanted to put a grain elevator on my layout, and there is one near our home, on US85 to Greeley, […]

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Model Railroader April 2021

A new product article on page 13 of this issue, Pullman-Standard lightweight coach, details coaches that made up the Union Pacific City of San Francisco service. The product link is here. This was a passenger service that ran from 1936 through 1971 when Amtrak was formed. Still researching what locomotives pulled this train in my […]

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