Harrington Town


Harrington is the town at the other end of the layout from Ellesmere. It will be next to the exit from the staging yard and will have more space for buildings, industries, etc.


Need some industries and a small set of lines to service. I like the paper mill model from Walthers, so there will be one here. Having the rail line go into the building is cool. There will be roads and trucks on the industrial side as well as a double-track rail crossing. Still undecided about signaling.

Passenger Service

Unlike Ellesmere, Harrington will be a larger passenger station, maybe a branch line, even if a stub.


This will have a paper mill, and other industries, all in an area probably 30″ x 8′.


Around the station will again be medium-density housing and commercial properties. WIll need to decide if each town will have a theme. I.e. one town is more prosperous and one more run-down. Different architectures, etc. I will use the area around the real-life Glenwood Springs as a prototype.


Need a backdrop to make the town appear larger.

Version 1 design

The town is at the top, buildings TBD and industries on the bottom. This was based on a shunting layout from the “Budget Model Railways” YouTube channel and converted into a through station. This could well work as a model that could be viewed from all sides necessitating changes to the backdrop.

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