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Track Planning Software

I’ve found a couple of packages that are used, there undoubtedly are more, to plan model railroads, AnyRail, and 3rd PlanIt. AnyRail AnyRail is an entry-level tool designed to provide the ability to design layouts. It has several libraries of track to choose from and has some building footprints. I have found it easy to […]

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Scenery Detail #1: Drainage Ditch

This is the first in a series of scenery details I’d like to consider. They add realism to the layout and also provide simple but effective small projects to make building the layout fun. The first one is a drainage pipe outlet into a ditch. This can be installed on a flat-board layout as the […]

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New Camera

In order to document progress, issues, and the learning experience, I purchased a camera and tripod at the recent Amazon Prime Day. It’s not the best camera in the world but it was at a price that works for me to learn how to make videos, I will look at purchasing a better camera in […]

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