Some History

I was probably eight or nine when I saw my first model railroad. My best friend in primary school, Martin, had an OO scale (close to the same scale as HO in the US) layout with a Great Western Railway (GWR) theme. I was hooked. Later that year my Mother bought me a train set for Christmas and that was that.

Ultimately, a temporary layout has to morph into something more permanent. In my early teens, with much help from my grandparents, I started work on an 8’x4′ permanent layout in their garage, still in OO gage though, N scale was not really that popular then as it was quite expensive. Folks in the UK often use their garage for everything other than their vehicles. This was a double loop based on a Hornby layout from their popular book.

Like many of us, girls, college and work took over and the layout was broken down and sold. This website is the result of my decision to get back into model railroading. This is my retirement plan, and in the ten or so years until I retire, I will design and makes plans for how I plan to build it. Future articles will describe my thoughts and the process of design refinement.

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