By lighting I mean adding lights to the following:

  1. Locomotives – many DCC locomotives come with exterior running lights and some also with cab lights. These are usually controlled by DCC throttles so can be switched on and off.
  2. Passenger cars – similarly, many DCC passenger cars are pre-lite. If they are not, lighting can be added although this may depend upon adding metal wheels to allow current pickup from the rails. An alternative would be to have a battery onboard each car with the resulting issue of replacing the battery at intervals.
  3. Structures – these may be the easiest item on the model to light. Some building kits from Woodland Scenics are pre-lit, others can have lighting added. Along with lighting, adding rooms so that a set of windows are preferentially lit is an important consideration. I will try and make sure all structures are lit if that makes sense. this will complicate the wiring.
  4. External lighting of cars, streets, etc. – street lights add realism to townscapes as would any cars on the layout.

The details of this will depend on what items are part of the railroad. 

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